e-B.R.A. Recycling Kits
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If you would like to become a certified B.R.A. ™ MEMBER, purchase an e-kit and receive discounts and coupons via e-mail, when they are available throughout the year.

e-kit includes:

  • Permit for Unlimited Number of bra's - recycling Label VIA e-mail. Permit for Singer User, Single Use, Single Shipment, (so stuff an EXTRA LARGE envelope, or get out a carton and go crazy!)
  • FREE MEMBERSHIP into B.R.A. ™ club: receiving Discounts and Promo's from our sponsors whenever available.
  • e-brochure – how it’s done - note from Kathleen Kirkwood
  • Postage to Mail-in bra's to recycle, not included.

Deluxe e-kit includes:

  • a 6" x 8" piece of B.R.A. ™ Red Carpet Cushion…is your bra in there???
  • Permit for Unlimited Use, Single User- 5 Year Term.
  • Postage to Mail-in bra's to recycle, not included

$5.00 e-kit

$15.00 deluxe e-kit

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e-B.R.A. Recycling Kits

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