Bra Recycling Envelopes          a la Cart
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OK, lots 'o ladies WOULD CHOOSE to Recycle and Dispose of their Older Bra's from the Privacy of their own home.

'PLUS', no handling or Permit Costs for you and your staff (Permit cost has no expiration date and all inclusive) 


Your Brand, Retailer, Organization, Conference or Charity can add:

  1. your LOGO,
  2. Message,
  3. URL
  4. Your Social Links
  5. Coupon
  6. Promo to EVERY ENVELOPE, and use them to Bring That Customer Back to YOu.


We call it



Lets face it, Ladies Love a 'Deal', and if they just made a Purchase with you and discovered a 'wow' BRA RECYCLING envelope  in the Shopping bag or online shipment along with your PROMO to buy ANOTHER after they RECYCLE...

you've just insured that customer is going to stay-safe-with you on the NEW PURCHASE TOO!


I heard somewhere, that the MOST EXPENSIVE customer is a new customer.

Soooo, why not invest a little, to keep who-you've-got-coming-back again & again

& again & again & again......& once again.

Don't Burn Your Bra; RECYCLE IT!

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Bra Recycling Envelopes a la Cart

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